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There is no better time for a RESTART than the middle of a global pandemic.  The pandemic doesn’t change the basic facts of where you are and what you need to do. Ijust helps you face the truth. 

You already know the truth:

The world is toxic. News. Entertainment. The heavily-marketed food on grocery store shelves.  You have been consuming the poison. It makes you lethargic.  Unsure of yourself, unable to decide what is best for you.  And worse, it is an addictive poison. It leaves you craving more. 


You want to make changes in your life.  Big changes. You know you can be happier and healthier -- but you put off changing, day after day.  

Maybe you want to eat healthier foods. Be a better partner. Find meaningful work. Return to your art. Or simply WAKE UP Day after day you think about it, but you can't seem to take that first step.   

The global pandemic hasn’t changed any of this. But it has removed the veil. You can no longer ignore the toxins. For some, like you, it has called you to ACT, and that’s good news. 

The pandemic has set you free. 

You can stop waiting for the ‘right time’ to take action. There has never been a better time.  But that doesn’t mean it will be easy. When you embrace change, the first resistance you encounter is not the weights or bands at the gym, or the fruits and vegetables on your plate 

Your first and greatest barrier is yourself 

You're not alone. Like most of us, you try to make positive changes.  You work hard to create long-lasting habits.  You have tried to make changes on your own, but have gotten sidetracked by another project, been lured off the path by a well-meaning friend, or simply given up in discouragement. Despite your best efforts, you seem to fall back. Internal resistance is diabolical. Resistance and ambivalence will find you when your energy is low. They devour your willpower. 

So, what is stopping you from improving your life and achieving your goals? 

While everyone's struggle is different, your current approach may: 

  • Set unrealistic goals  
  • Focus on the wrong goal 
  • Expect immediate results  
  • Seek a perfect outcome 
  • Deliver heavy self-criticism 
    The good news: You're ready for a turnaround!

    Our new course, ENERGIZED FOR LIFE, will make it so. It's designed to be FAST, EFFECTIVE and ACTIONABLE. The course was built using proven techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and positive psychology. These techniques have been honed and refined through thousands of hours coaching and counseling clients who have struggled just like you. 

    Join us on the Path4Change, and stock your arsenal with tested and proven tools and powerups. You’ll receive defensive shields and DIY weapons proven to slay ambivalence and judo-flip resistance. You’ll learn how to quickly amp your energy when you’re running on low.

    All of these tools will be yours forever when the course is over. The more you use them, the more powerful they will become. You will be ready to travel your path wherever it takes you. Ready to handle the challenges ahead.

    Am I Going It Alone? 

    Not at all!  There are many of us on the journey of self-exploration.  For this reason, we created Basecamp, a supportive online community for all of us on the Path4Change.  The aim is to help you increase your level of awareness and accountability while you continue to hone your skills and practice using your tools

    Basecamp is a space for learning and growing. And it is FREE. Free of cost, free of ads, and free of data miners. Best of all, Basecampers have access to all Path4Change tools and powerups, and are first in line for a spot in our new content and courses when they launch. 

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    When can I start? 

    The Path4Change is available NOW, and it is free to all travelersJoin Basecamp to receive our Powerups: Tools, tips, reminders, and inspiration as you follow the path. You will meet allies and learn from those who have journeyed far on the path and enjoy sharing occasional wisdom with others. Neurowolf is a prime example.

    During our pre-launch phase the ENERGIZED FOR LIFE course will become available at a substantial discount for Basecampers.  

    Get on the path today. Move past the old familiar barriers into a space of energy and purposeful actionWith one step you can transform your life

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